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Okonomiyaki Sauce makes the Okonomiyaki taste much better, here's a recipe to make the sauce at home.

Homemade+Okonomiyaki+Sauce (for those of you who don't know what this sauce is..... It's the sauce you drizzle over the Japanese Pancake, along with some mayonaise)

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Okonomiyaki Sauce Ketchup 3 tablespoons Soy sauce 1 teaspoon Worcestershire…

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Japanese Cabbage Salad - Takes less than 5 minutes to make! Omit soy sauce for gluten-free

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“It’s the size of a bowling ball!” my mother exclaimed, holding a head of cabbage before me. She’s joined a CSA for the first time, which I’m sensing is a little overwhelming. These feelings — What is a kohlrabi?! What do I do with 4 beets?! Cabbages to feed the village! — are natural, but...

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Pork Okonomiyaki | Chef Taro. Oh for the love of pete, why aren't there any Asian markets here? WANT.

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Pin to use squash! What a tasty way to get your vegetables! Korean Jeon, Vegetable Pancake from Bren Did.

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Soft-Set Seasoned Eggs with Okonomiyaki Sauce Recipe - Very Tasty Food. Let's make it!