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14 Home Remedies for Oily Hair

In order to get rid of oily hair you need to keep the scalp clean. Fortunately, there are several home remedies you can use to keep the grease in check and keep your hair looking fresh for days.

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Natural scalp treatments to treat Oily Scalp

Natural scalp treatments to treat Oily Scalp | THEINDIANSPOT

Amazing DIY #5: Hair Masks

3 HAIR MASKS TO TRY AT HOME! For Dry Hair, Itchy or Flaky Scalp and Oily Hair :) Get your hair looking shinier and feeling softer immediately with these DIY Hair masks.

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Best Dandruff Solutions – My Top Recommendations

The white dead cells which the hair generally sheds from the Scalp are called dandruff. They are caused due to many reasons like Vitamin deficiency, Dry Scalp, Oily scalp, Allergies, Constipation and so many external and internal factors. Dandruff not only affects the Scalp, but it also leads to severe hair fall and pimples on the face. But there are so many Best Dandruff Solutions available. Here are a few useful tips to get rid of dandruff.

18 Underrated Products For Oily Hair That Actually Work