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Independent Resources (IRG): Tunisia boasts the highest oil exploration success rate in North Africa - - #IRG

Inflation markets spooked by the prospect of very low price inflation - - #Inflation

City broker SP Angel - Goldplat shares worth double their current price -


Bargain hunters eye North Sea - - #IOG, #PMG

Are Lochard Energy shareholders mad? The latest statement on the Parkmead Offer

StatPro Panmure Gordon says the contract win provides strong evidence - - #SOG

San Leon Energy closed 19.4% lower at 2.5p, which Westhouse Securities suggested represents a buying opportunity. - - #SLE

THE OIL and gas industry yesterday warned that tax changes on drilling rigs outlined in the Budget would put UK North Sea projects at risk. -

Why Oil Prices Fluctuate #Infographic

Why Oil Prices Fluctuate #Infographic

There are multiple factors that determine how oil prices fluctuate, and many of them are interconnected. Learn about them all in this infographic.