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Numbers trending downward in Ohio deer hunting kills #numbers #trending #downward #hunting #kills

Avon Lake mom shoots rare deer (with a Nikon); her trophy is a great calendar picture: Michael K. McIntyre's Tipoff

How Rare Are Piebald Deer | ... percent of the deer population is piebald, like this one in Avon Lake


Ohio Buck Grosses 300 Inches

Just an incredible buck! I talked with Dan Coffman last night, and we are working on getting his story in Deer & Deer Hunting. The guy in this photo is a buddy of his who wanted to pose with the deer. To dispel all of the rumors, Dan told me this buck is legit, wild, free range deer that he hunted for the past two seasons. He got his sheds …

Petition · Reform Ohio Division of Wildlife and Abolish Deer Hunting and "Culling" in Ohio parks and suburbs · October 2016 #banhunting