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Officer funeral home

Funeral for an officers best friend: Decorated K-9 laid to rest with full ceremonial honors as his emotional handler proudly looks on

Respect: Oklahoma County Sheriff's K-9 deputy Falco walks to the casket of K-9 Deputy Eron to offer final farewells during his funeral service at Precious Pets Cemetery on Thursday

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Officer Jason Ellis was tragically killed during an ambush on Saturday. During his funeral, all of his fellow officers, families and friends showed up to say goodbye to the kind-hearted officer. The most noticeable mourner, however, was Figo. Figo was his canine partner who was obviously overcome with grief. Dogs know when their close friends die, and the sadness on his face is says it all.

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Caroline Lane Brown (née Lamson) 59, was born 8 July 1852, New York. Mrs Brown boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a first class passenger accompanied by her sisters Mrs R. C. Cornell & Mrs E. D. Appleton. They were returning to America having attended a family funeral in England. During the voyage they were joined by Miss Edith Corse Evans. 2nd Officer Lightoller guided Mrs Brown & Miss Evans to a lifeboat. Brown stepped into the boat but Evans faltered & the boat left without her

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Kate Beckett... This episode made me cry like a baby... In the battle, who will you find to stand beside you through everything?? :'(

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Thousands mourn NYPD Detective Steven McDonald

The casket of New York City Police Dept. Detective Steven McDonald is carried into St. Patrick's Cathedral

Thousands mourn NYPD Detective Steven McDonald

Steven McDonald (pictured at the Republican National Convention in 2004) became a symbol of peace after forgiving the teenager who shot him leaving him paralyzed

Heartbreaking Tyrese Gibson breaks down over the death of Paul Walker... I'm feeling heartbroken over it as well and I didn't even know him personally. I can only imagine what the people who were close to him are feeling. They're all in my thoughts and RIP Paul Walker wherever you are now.

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