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True story. They beam down with a Security Officer and I'm like "Well, he's not coming back."


Sean Bean as rifleman Richard Sharpe. Let us reflect that Sharpe is so badass, his may be the only action character portrayed by Sean Bean who has not been killed. The universe may have it out for Sean Bean’s characters, but it can’t take down rifleman Sharpe.

Dorset Street, Spitalfields, East End of London Photographic Print by Peter Higginbotham -


Humanity Isn't Black And White

Sirius sauntered away from the wall with his spray can; stared the officer straight in the eye, with not a trace of fear and said "That's just what you people do isn't it, stop people telling the truth about what really goes on behind closed doors, you may think you've got us on lock down, but some of us are braking out.." And walked away


Flight Officer Johnny Smythe, from Sierra Leone, enlisted in the RAF in 1939. He was one of four out of a class of 90, to complete the tough training to be a Navigator. On his 28th bomber mission, in November 1943, he was wounded, shot down, and captured by Germans who could not believe they were looking at a Black officer. In Stalag Luft One, Smythe worked on the escape committee, but couldn’t break out himself: "I don’t think a six-foot-five black man would’ve got very far in Pomerania."


Curtiss Tomahawks Mark IIBs of No. 112 Squadron RAF at LG 102 in the Sidi Heneish area, Egypt. In the foreground is AN218 'B' "Menace", flown by Flying Officer N Bowker who had shot down a Savoia Marchetti SM79 in it on 14 September 1941. The second aircraft is AK461 'A', which was destroyed in combat over Sidi Rezegh on 25 November 1941. This photograph constituted the first public appearance of 112 Squadron's famous 'Sharkmouth' insignia, when published in October 1941.


How To Interview a Woman Writer

Very bad but oft-followed advice on how to interview a woman writer. #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists