Use Etsy to Quit Your Day Job: When is it time to leave that office job in the dust and go full-time with your side-business? Find out if it's time to quit your day job! Click and see if you're ready to GO.

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Stay healthy at work with these posture pointers: posture tips for working at desk

Our suggestion is to pick one tip and write it down in your journal. Read it everyday and start practicing it in your career every single day.

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8 time saving shortcuts in Excel #infographic #Productivity #Excel
16 Easy to try. Easy to incorporate and very effective Motivation Tips To Get More Done - #Infographic
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80% of candidates desperately need a resume makeover! Get a resume makeover today with a resume template and resume writing tips that will transform your resume into something hiring managers actually want to read!

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Put your Etsy shop on a One-Way Street to Success! What if you could catapult your sales, grow your empire, and kiss that icky day job goodbye? Etsy Academy is like no other business success program out there. You get NON-STOP support as your shop grows and changes. You’ll get access to BRAND NEW, exclusive content twice a month…and don’t forget the drop-in office hours where you can come to get custom advice whenever you need it! Click to find out more about this amazing program.

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