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Questions are only offensive to those who have something to hide. -Gary Hopkins


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Be Yourself. Everyone Else is a Twat - Oscar Wilde (2013 Remix) artwork by Lee Crutchley


Personally, I Don't Find Swearing Offensive. I did Find, Back Stabbing, Lying, Cheating & Fucking People Over Offensive, But Not Swearing.

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Trump Refuses To Say Whether Or Not He Will Concede The Election

The Top 12 Most Insane Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said #refinery29 Bonus: Watch our intern transform into Donald Trump, in 30 seconds. It's pretty incredible. But not nearly as crazy as some of these quotes. ...WATCH THE VIDEO AT THE END. DB!


Something Beginning With|Rude General Card I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With Twat. A new twist on a classic game. This funny, rude card is perfect for a friend or family member.

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If I Can't Accept You at Your Worst, Then Maybe You Should Stop Being So Horrible

Newsflash: It's not OK to be selfish, impatient, and out of control. These traits, while common, are unacceptable. They should not be accepted, least of all by the people you claim to love. This philosophy is poison, and it stretches beyond one offensive quote from a 20th century Playboy Bunny.

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24 Of Donald Trump's Most Ridiculously Offensive Quotes

Donald Trump can offer an offensive quote at the drop of a hat—here are the 24 worst.


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