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"He's fleetingly obsessive," says drummer George Daniel of Healy. "He'll turn up with a video camera and projector: 'Look, I'm making a film.' 'Yeah, all right.' Two weeks later, he's lost the camera charger and he's forgotten about it. That's what makes him great when he's focusing on his work. He's either all the way on or all the way off."

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The art of punk posters

Sex Pistols. 1977 was the height of punk. the punk look was all about spiked hair, mohawks, tartan trousers, leather jackets, chains, dog-collars, black nail polish etc

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Blink 182 Poster

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How to choose the right lashes for your eye shape

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“We had Showaddywaddy. They slagged us off in the Leicester Mercury, said we were out of tune. Pretty sad coming from a bunch of plastic teddy boys. You just think, ‘We’ll show ’em’.”

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Perrie Edwards shows off her taut tummy in a sporty top and leggings

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