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Human rights abuses complaint against WWF to be examined by OECD

In unprecedented move, OECD will look into allegations that world’s largest conservation organisation facilitated abuse of Baka people of Cameroon

OECD inequality report: how do different countries compare?

INEQUALITY between rich & poor - of all countries tracked - have increased most in Germany & the US since 1985 says OECD report, meaning MOST of the wealth & income gains have gone to the top small percentage of people & not shared w/ the poor. The US ranks #17 & Germany #18 of 34 for Life Satisfaction. Spain's inequality decreased more than any country since 1985.

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Evaluate the impact of more reductions in government spending on the real economy (15)!

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The best of capitalism is over for rich countries – and for the poor ones it will be over by 2060

Based on recent OECD Report (2015) World growth will slow to 2.7%, because the catch-up effects boosting growth in the developing world – population growth, education, urbanisation – will peter out. Even before that happens, near-stagnation in advanced economies means a long-term global average over the next 50 years of just 3% growth, which is low. The growth of high-skilled jobs and the automation of medium-skilled jobs means, on the central projection, that inequality will rise by 30%.

Datawatch: age at first marriage

On average couples are waiting longer to get married, if they choose to marry at all. The mean age in OECD countries at first time marriage rose by 5 years since 1990 to 32 years for men and 30 years for women. Ireland and Spain are among the countries with the largest rise in marriage age.

Employment - Hours worked - OECD Data

As the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) release their big plan to tackle international tax dodging, we take a look at what this means for women and children living in developing countries and ask the most important question: will it actually work?

03.12.13: DfE: Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove's statement in the House on the OECD’s 2012 PISA results.

BLOCKS EMPLOYMENT SPECIALIST COMMENTS ON GOVERNMENT PROPOSALS: Employment law can be confusing. I mean is there is too much red tape or not? Employers say they're bound up in the stuff like an Egyptian mummy and the government agrees and sets up the "Red Tape Challenge". But then the government boasts, in a press release, that "the UK has a lightly regulated, flexible labour market that the OECD…