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Telling a hungry person they can't eat to fatten themselves up puts them in a real pickle. That's not far from what Ohio's transportation department is saying about why an increase in the state gas tax, a sure fire way to produce more funding for road and bridge projects, is off the table. Whereas internal cost cutting and giving business sweetheart deals is on the table. Ohio State University is likewise saying selling assets now is the way to go for the future. Really? #Examinercom #ODOT…

Keep Southeast Ohio Beautiful - On average, ODOT spends $4 million each year picking up nearly 400,000 bags of trash from highways and interchanges

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Canal Winchester, Groveport and Madison Township residents will see a significant investment -- possibly as much as $430 million -- in road construction over the coming two years, according to Ohio Department of Transportation officials.

1964 United States Concrete Pipe Storm Drain Ohio ODOT Warren County Photo Ad | eBay

ODOT Library: Ruth Monks perfects the new book display at the Ohio Department of Transportation Library on Snapshot Day 2011.

ODOT takes heat over potential impact of Shoreway plans on Ohio City (photos) | cleveland.com

Ohio's system of roads and bridges has been one of its strengths over the decades, giving business what it needs to engage in commerce. That ability, which one time had multiple streams of money to fuel it but doesn't anymore because gas tax revenues are down and Congressional bickering has stalled federal funding, is a big problem for Ohio, and other states, too. What to do? Make deals with business for state assets. That's ODOT's plan. Advertising, sponsorships and more. #ODOT #Kasich…

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The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) information on historic covered bridges gives Geer Mill, Humpback, and Ponn Covered Bridge as three alternate names, while the bridge's listing on the National Register of Historic Places gives only Ponn Humpback Covered Bridge (one name, not two alternate ones). Built in 1874

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