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Amulet ring with Frey’s sickle, Odin’s spear, and Thor’s hammer worn by a Swedish practitioner of Forn Sed. The style is typical of finds from Uppland and Södermanland, Sweden.


Gungnir, Odi's spear. The Valknut, the symbol for creation, preservation, and destruction. Hugin, and Munin, Odin's Ravens... Surrounded by the runes, which Odin received by sacrificing himself to himself. Great Design!


I love his facial expression here. It's like, "Wow, this is the moment I have dreamt of for so long, and now my time has come." ♥


Gullinbursti ('Golden Bristle'), in Norse Mythology, is Freyr's golden boar, which represents male sexuality and stamina. It is one of the many gifts, including Thor's Hammer (Mjölnir), and Odin's Spear (Gungnir), which the gods only got due to Loki's dangerous bet wit the dwarfs. Without Loki, the gods would have been virtually powerless, and Asgard undefended by it's wall too! Hail Loki!


VALHALLA - this is the place where the Vikings that died in battle would go for the afterlife. VALHALLA was located in ASGARD, where there were 540 doors. The doors were so wide that through each huge door, 800 warriors could walk side by side. The roof was covered with golden shields, and the walls around VALHALLA were made from wooden spear shafts.

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Viking Spear head pendant, Gungnir pendant, Odins spear

Viking Spear head pendant Gungnir pendant Odins spear by Taitaya

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Mythology Meme || (1/10) Women of the Norse Pantheon O hail to you, mother who gave birth to Death;  Yours is the spear that never errs in flight. O hail to you, wrathful one, maker of sorrows;  Yours is the furious rage that gives no quarter. O hail to you, mother of wolf and serpent; Yours is the love shown in strength and firmness. (x)