Odilon Redon. I actually got to see this at the Seattle Art Museum- one of my favorite paintings!

Have A Dreamy Birthday, Odilon Redon!

Odilon Redon. http://blendedartvision.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/odilon-redon-fleurs.jpg

Odilon Redon ❊ décorateur d’intérieur

What Your Favorite High School Book Says About You

What Your Favorite High School Book Says About You

Odilon Redon #art  - There's just something I personally like very much within this painting. The contrast between all of the colours used is just amazing, mostly to do with the blues and yellows.


The Boat (Virgin with Corona) Artist: Odilon Redon Completion Date: Style: Symbolism Genre: symbolic painting Technique: pastel Material: paper Dimensions: x 28 cm Gallery: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Evocation | Odilon Redon | oil painting

Evocation Painting | Odilon Redon | Oil Painting Reproduction

Evocation (Head of Christ or Inspiration from a Mosaic in Ravenna) - Odilon Redon