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Odd yet funny compliments (20 photos)

i just want to be able to give daily odd complement an odd complement that makes it as happy as it makes me :)

daily odd compliment | Tumblr- I feel like this was my life when I was pregnant with Blanche. More

The Millers Blast Back

And if we're hanging out at a restaurant with a kids menu that has a maze with crayons...well, that may just be too much awesome. It might not be safe--we should probably avoid this considering possibility of awesomeness implosion

Odd yet funny compliments (20 photos)

Daily Odd Compliment: People are going to say you're weird. Because weird people make life interesting, and those other people probably suck

daily odd compliment | Tumblr

Daily Odd Compliment

"If you knew how many times I [think] about you, I would be thoroughly embarrassed.

Daily Odd Compliments

Odd yet funny compliments (20 photos)

Dailey Odd Compliment- this is true in my case, though. I have extraordinary friends. Thank you for not letting my balloon touch the ground.

"Jazz Band"

"Jazz Band" (Daily Odd Compliment)

If I had the money, whenever you were sad, I would hire a super funky jazz band to play behind you when you walked.

You make my weird look normal. :-) Delaney Clifford

"My Weirdness" (Daily Odd Compliment)

Daily Odd Compliments I can relate to - Imgur

Daily Odd Compliments I can relate to