Using a Guided Math or Daily 5 Math approach in your classroom? This Guided Math: Odd & Even Numbers FREEBIE from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom is for you!

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Guess that number game! This would be a fun way review odd/even or greater than/less than!

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£1 for 20 Christmas cups from the Pound Shop! Put them in order... close your eyes..... take one away... whats missing? close your eyes ... swap 2 over.... whats wrong? Using just cups 1 - 5 (initially) hide the christmas bell under one.... give clue to your friends... its under an odd number, even, 1 and 3 add up to this, double 2 etc! we've had great fun....

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This is an odd and even mathematical racing game It is designed to give  children plenty of (social) opportunities to reinforce their ability to recognise odd and even numbers.

The Odd and Even Card Game. Make a t chart explaining the difference between odd and even numbers, remove face cards and let the student/child sort the odds and evens!

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