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Octopus Ink

This octopus sketch has movement and illusion of space which helps me draw my creature. The way the tentacles overlap and move are good for the sketch.


OCEAN // OCTOPUS PRINT 50 X 70 - I can pair this 3 ways! The octopus print with the lyrics to the Beatles' "Octopuses Garden" with the music. A Triple Ekphrasic example!

Buried In a Dream                                                                                                                                                     More

I have time today if anyone wants to come talk about some cool ideas. Working on a cute octopus for a client. I get to utilize those character design skills I learned from art school haha.

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Octopus Tentacle by SweetestMalificia on deviantART. I like how the line work emphasis the movement and form of the tentacle, it looks like it is in motion.

octopus tumblr draw - Buscar con Google

Sketch by Lucas Werneck <<< This is kind of how I pictured Thallasa from the WaterFire Saga