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I have just decided that the octopus is my favorite animal. It is so beautiful. (And I never thought I'd call an octopus beautiful).

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Weekly Inspiration 30

Sea Monster the Octopus Funny Creatures by StorytellingArt on Etsy, $25.00

Fine Art Photography- Octopus-Animal-Marine Print-Home Decor-Zoo-Brown, POE, Etsy by StorytellingArt

0ce4n-g0d:  I’m blue by Klaus Wiese on 500px

Octopus Eye - However underwater light has a polarized component which some octopuses can detect. When this light travels through the body of a transparent animal its polarization will be changed and the octopus can see that and capture the prey.

Catch The Stars ~ photographer detail24 @ deviantArt  #photography #octopus #myt

these creatures are so amazing to me! Mom has one birth experience and then dies in order for the many, many babies she mothered to have the chance at life! Quite a Mom.

Martha darling... Have u ever beheld the gloriousness of my tentacles? They're quite spectacular.

i want a tattoo that will wrap around my heel- of an octupus with a small mermaid in an outstretched tentacle. This is by far the most beautiful octopus photo i've found!