Octopus hotdogs

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7+ Fun Hot Dog Recipes Just for Kids

think I will try this on the weekend :-) Crafty Moods - Free craft and lifestyle projects resource for all ages: Fun Foods for Kids: Octo-Dog!

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Professor Inkling's Octodogs, hot dogs with the ends cut into strips then broiled (the ends will curl up into tentacles)

OMG what are these adorable creatures?! Weenie Octopuses are the new pigs in a blanket.

Mini Pancake And Sausage Octopus Creatures

Your kids will love these adorable creatures! Here's an easy step by step guide to making mini pancake and sausage octopus creatures.

6 Steps to Making a Hot Dog Octopus: How to Make Hot Dog Octopus - Step 4

6 Steps to Create a Hot Dog Octopus

OCTOPUS WIENERS Simply cut slits of the length of the hot dog. Then boil, this will cause the legs to curl as it cooks.

Made these for lunch today, the kids were totally into it!

Another pinner said: Made these for lunch today, the kids were totally into it! I SAY: I'm 24 an totally into this! New way of eating my Mac and cheese with hotdogs!

Hot Dog Octopus and Seaweed.   August 2011: Made it for daycare lunch.  The kids thought it was pretty awesome and it made for some great mealtime conversation.  It also encouraged playing with their food.  The picky eaters didn't eat any better for the novelty but it was fun and I'll do it again sometime.

Octopus and Seaweed

Would you eat an octopus hotdog on green ramen noodle seaweed? (And would you eat it on your octopus table?