The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnaps James Cross in Montreal and demands release of all its imprisoned members. The next day the Canadian government announces it will not meet the demand, beginning Quebec's October Crisis.

Black Tuesday 1929 the stock market crash and beginning of the "Great Depression". The year my grandma was born. No wonder she is such a hardy soul.

October crisis by Blaine Wiseman 971 WIS During October 1970, a group of terrorists known as the Front de Liberation du Québec (FLQ), kidnapped two politicians in an effort to extort money and to gain the release of government prisoners. Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau imposed the War Measures Act to try to stop the group. In the end, one of the kidnap victims was killed and the other was rescued. The October Crisis helped shape Canada, Québec, and their relationship with each other.

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Soldiers in the streets of Montreal - October crisis - québécois terrorists

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October 16 – October Crisis: The Canadian government declares a state of emergency and outlaws the Quebec Liberation Front. October 17 October Crisis: Pierre Laporte is found murdered in south Montreal.

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The Cuban missile crisis is known as the October crisis in Cuba and the Caribbean crisis. It was a confrontation in October 1962 between the Soviet Union and Cuba. It is generally regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to turning into a nuclear conflict.

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