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Please share this to help spread awareness about ocean acidification Alarming Before and After Photos of Ocean Acidification More photos here:

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Learn about the effects that carbon dioxide emissions have on ocean invertebrates. This video is brought to you by the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

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Ocean Acidification by the Alliance for Climate Education: CO2 + H2O = H2CO3 which is carbonic acid. when it deprotonates as it does in water it turns into an H+ ion, which is the acid part and HCO3- which is bicarbonate ion so for every co2 added you get a bicarbonate and an acid or H+ ion.

Great cartoon about Ocean Acidification; but wait, there's more! This website is loaded with charming, funny cartoons relevant to life science.

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What is the 'other carbon dioxide problem'? How are humans driving changes in the chemistry of the ocean, and what might this mean for marine ecosystems in the future?

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The powerful before-and-after photographs below were shared as evidence of ocean acidification at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium in Australia. Please help spread awareness about ocean acidification by pinning these before-and-after photos and starting the conversation about ocean conservation. #OceanAcidification

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