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How to Get a Passport for Your Child

How to Obtain a Passport for a Child: Exceptions to the Two-Parent Signature Requirement (Photo: Getty Images)

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Scientists Discover The Oldest, Largest Body Of Water In Existence--In Space

Wow, I knew there was a reason I wanted to be an astrophysicist

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Passport Records1811-1814..Records pertaining to the acquiring of passports required for travel in Mississippi Territory. Sworn statements of identification & purpose were required to obtain a passport which authorized travel beyond A few actual passports are included in these records, Generally collection contains passport affidavits applications, requests, related correspondence. Some records relate to efforts to obtain passports for the purpose of transporting slaves from one area to…

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How to Get a Certified Copy of Your Birth Certificate

How to Obtain a Passport in Utah

How to Obtain a Passport in Utahthumbnail

Applying for a Passport

Obtaining a passport is not a particularly difficult experience, though it does require significant time and fees to complete the process. Learn more here about how to obtain a passport as well as the required fees.

How to Obtain a Passport at the Post Office

How to Create a Fun Activity Passport for Children