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Michelle Obama's suggestion Trump is end of 'hope' for America gets pushback

Michelle Obama statement gets major push back!!

Top News: "USA POLITICS: Barack Obama Top Politics Quotes Of Day" - - Regardless of what President-elect Donald Trump’s plans are for immigration, President Obama says there will be “inevitable” changes to the demographics. on Politics: World Political News Articles, Political Biography: Politicoscope -

Truth is truth even if no one believes it; A lie is a lie even if everyone believe it.


On Thursday Obama issued sanctions against Russia and booted out over 30 diplomats as retaliation for a “Russian hacking scandal” that supposedly “tipped the election” to Trump, but has no evidence to back up the claim. Obama is still poking the bear, and he’s now sent out another inflammatory statement as if he wants to throw us into war as he walks out the door. Obama Statement: Statement by the President on Actions in Response to Russian Malicious Cyber Activity and Harassment Today, I…

~~Armed Services Chair Demands of Obama: Whom Did You Order to Do What on 9/11/12? :: In light of President Obama's statement in an Oct. 26 interview that the "minute" he found out about the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 he issued a directive to subordinates "to make sure we are securing our personnel," House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) has sent a letter to Obama demanding that he reveal exactly whom he ordered to do what on that…


Tense: Ed Henry Confronts Jay Carney on Obama Statements During White House Press Conference