Since they're so afraid of Obama's "forward" slogan, perhaps Romney's campaign needs a new logo.

Equal Pay Day - April 17, 2012 Women now earn 77.4 cents for every dollar men earn. That's not much progress in 16 years. Women have marked Equal Pay Day with a host of events wearing red on that day to show that women's wages are still in the red. Call Obama, Romney, and your Senators and let them know this is unacceptable. They need to stay out of my uterus and start talking about real women's issues!

My view by Nancy Carlsson-Paige: Obama, Romney need to know one thing about early childhood education – start over. “It’s destructive, even abusive. That’s a pretty strong word, but what do you call it when you take a group of children and you force them to do something that they are not developmentally ready to do? What do you call that? It’s abusive.” -teacher quoted in the article

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