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How the Obama

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Meaningless words, words without meaning - flying out like endless rain into a paper cup, overflowing, slithering wildly as they slip away into nothingness..... into oblivion. Nothing to build on, nothing to trust, nothing to hope in. Just words, words flying in every direction at once........

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10 Barack Obama Portrait Inspiration

This week I was moving in to a new place and was a big mess, it took me 2 days, totally ofline, enough to get millions of unread posts in my RSS reader. At least I could get some time to read the pick the best articles for the best of the week.

Barack Obama HOPE Presidential Campaign Poster 11x17

We HOPE you decide to get this awesome poster :) Street artist Shepard Fairey's unique art from Barak Obama's 2008 Presidential Campaign! Ships fast. inches. Need Poster Mounts..?

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Pro Barack Obama Poster-style Bumper Sticker 4 x 6 in. Description from I searched for this on

TJ Bell on

Must feel good, Mr. President

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