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Obama plans to free Gitmo 22 - who have promised to bomb and behead

The president is to remove more than a third of the Cuban detention center's 59 detainees before Trump becomes president. Four were announced on Thursday with at least 18 more to follow.

SHOCK REPORT: Obama SCANDAL EXPLODES Over ‘Shameful’ Backroom UN Deal

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BREAKING: Kellyanne Just EXPOSED Obama’s Twisted Plan to Screw Trump!

BREAKING: Leaked Audio Reveals Obama WANTED ISIS to GROW – Listen Before it’s Taken Down

FBI CONFIRMS Hillary Clinton GUILTY of TREASON, Gave Classified Material To Foreign Governments!

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NY Times Doesn’t Understand GOP’s Position on Energy | Fix This Nation .com » Merry Christmas: Atheist Group Steals Gifts From the Poor

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BREAKING: NATO Investigator Who Exposed Obama’s Connections To ISIS Just Found DEAD!

It’s Official; Obama Named LAZIEST President In American History

Obama’s Inexcusable Move on Israel is a National Shame | Fix This Nation .com