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Scientists Accidentally Convert CO2 into Ethanol, Potentially Solve Climate Change

Global warming is largely caused by carbon dioxide. Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory just figured out a way to change it into something better.

'Scientists can now detect magnetic behavior at the atomic level with a new electron microscopy technique developed by a team from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Uppsala University, Sweden. The researchers took a counterintuitive approach by taking advantage of optical distortions that they typically try to eliminate.' New electron microscope method detects atomic-scale magnetism:


Clean energy technology, manufacturing, logistics, and computer and data analytics are areas ripe for new partnerships, Chattanooga and Oak Ridge National Laboratory officials said Thursday.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory opens new office in Chattanooga | WTVC

Jeff Cornett will be the Chattanooga liaison for Oak Ridge National Laboratory

One of JFK’s visits in 1959 was the Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) in Oak Ridge, TN, where he visited in February along with wife Jacqueline.

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How to stay safe in the atomic age: Charming posters from 1947 which show the health risks from radiation

Radiation Safety Poster From 1947. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.

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40 more maps that explain the world

Data source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, World Bank. (David Whitmore, John Grimwade / National Geographic)- I love this