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The Money Pit of Oak Island

The Oak Island "Money Pit" I love reading about it and imagining the possibilities. Who, What, When, Why??? -Pam

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Oak Island Money Pit Solved | Oak Island, The World's Costliest Treasure Hunt Mahone Bay, NS Canada

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OAK ISLAND | This 1938 photo shows one of the treasure dig pits on Oak Island, N.S. A group is using technology on the island to locate secret underground tunnels that may lead to fabled pirate's treasure | Credit: Archives of Nova Scotia

A memorial for 6 people who died while seeking the treasure on Oak Island. There is a rumor that there is a curse on the island and the island mysteries won't be unlocked until the 7th death.

The article that inspired Marty and Rick Lagina | Treasure Hunt: The Mystery of Oak Island • For 200 years, the promise of pirate’s payday buried deep in a pit off Nova Scotia’s coast has attracted schemers and dreamers from around the world. Every last one has gone home empty-handed. Is Oak Island cursed? | By David MacDonald: A Reader's Digest Classic, originally published 1965 • From The Rotarian (1965) | Read more at