For when you feel like you can't do anymore or you can't go on read this and go watch there videos! ~ Alexis (aka me)

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"Let your smile change the world, don't let the world change your smile" ~unknown (person pictured: Connor Franta)

Yas ok whatever fine no lets kidnap u so we know you wont leave kian can be our son

Connor Franta ♥ he's adorable, hilarious,, and makes awesome vids! I watch em every frantastic monday:D

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Cause everytime you touch me I just die in your arms oohh it feels so right so baby baby please don't stop

I love it. And it makes Ricky him. If you say anything about it... Just leave this fandom. Not that you were ever really apart of it anyway.

Ricky's lisp is cute❤️ it honestly is one of the cutest things about him

This is true even though there are so many grammatical errors. ;)

I just started watching them like last week and i already feel soo happy that they are in my life