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Nyjer seed and sunflower hearts are one of goldfinches favourite treats, so if you fancy going for gold in your garden, then seed feeders are one of the easiest things you can do! #homesfornature


Get expert advice on garden bird food, including sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, peanuts and fat balls in this video guide on

from Apartment Therapy

DIY Project Ideas: 10 Bird Feeders for Kids to Make

DIY Project Ideas: 10 Bird Feeders for Kids to Make | Apartment Therapy


I helped give nature a home and bought Goldfinch mini nyjer seed feeder from the RSPB.

Nyjer seed bird food-This tiny, oil-rich, energy-giving black seed is highly nutritious and may well entice goldfinches, greenfinches and siskins into your garden, if they are already present in your area.

The American Goldfinch (Carduelis Tristis), also known as the Eastern Goldfinch and the Wild Canary, is a small North American bird in the Finch family.


Wild Bird Feed Nyjer Seed Also known as Niger Nyger this small black seed is a firm favourite with many garden birds Rich in oils and a good source