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Chandler and Monica (Friends) I love re-watching the episodes and going 'hehe you guys get married' and trying to pick up on small hints


Magnus, Alec, Maia, Jordan, Brother Zachariah/Jem, Clary, Jace, Sebastian, Izzy, Simon, Maureen, and Raphael


Comment to join my Institute board where you can be the children of the ships. I know it's harsh but one male character Plz. One person per ship. You don't have had to read all the books to join! No conflicting ships Plz. Follow me or the board to join. I will allow regular people to join but I want the children of the TMI ships to join first. Even if the characters dead in the book they are alive on here so they aren't any spoilers of who dies.


black smoke maine coon <-- OMG!!! Look at him!!! This is just more evidence as to why I NEED a male main coon in my life

from Etsy

Super Hero Curtain Tie-backs Set of 2

Do you have a superhero in your family? These tie-backs make a great accent to your little superheros room! The set comes with two blue tie-back masks or two red tie-back masks. You can also order one red mask and one blue mask. Please specify which option you would like when ordering. Make time is based on sales activity and changes daily. Please respect the time needed to make each item. Additionally, please allow a few extra days if multiple tiebacks are ordered.


new york giants room. my dream house will have this just for when me and my dad want to watch giants kick the patriots ass


My Jem is gone (part 3) ... Artist behind the idea is imaginingstorms ... alexander 'alec' lightwood, chairman meow, church, clarissa 'clary' fray, isabelle lightwood, jace herondale, james 'jem' carstairs, simon lewis, comic, the mortal instruments


This is so cute. You need to open the pin and see all of the pictures :)