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Fourth Grade Nutcracker Choreography - Chinese Dance

Fourth Grade Nutcracker Choreography - Chinese Dance by Kelly Schenbeck Riley. Fourth graders created their own choreography for some of the dances from Act II of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker" ballet. Here is Mrs. Triplett's class with "Chinese Dance."


Fourth Grade Nutcracker Cup Game - Mrs. Triplett's Class. Mrs. Triplett's fourth grade class created a cup passing game to go with the March from The Nutcracker. Here they are practicing it during music class in December 2013.

Holiday Lesson Plan with Nutcracker Listening Glyph USING THIS for my 1st grade. I love how it goes my entire first unit "Elements of Music" fast/slow, loud/soft, high/low, etc. What a great assessment! and fun too!