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The weird and wonderful world of 'modern' medicine: Fascinating pictures from America's oldest public hospital so how far treatment has come in just 60 years

Pioneers: Bellevue Hospital was known for its pioneering techniques and producing some of the finest doctors and nurses in America with its training

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The utterly enigmatic Cary Grant exiting what looks like the very first SmartCar - NYC

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St. Vincent Hospital Nursing Students caring for AIDS patients in 1980's NYC a new area in patient care Operated by the Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. The school nurses caps resembled the French Daughters of Charity winged Bonnet

Alberta Hunter Bio

The immortal Alberta Hunter. Lied about her age to start singing in clubs as a teenager.

I want to not have to worry, if I'll fit on this ride, or if i look fat in these clothes. I want to know I've made it and I was stronger than being fat

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Air raid damage including wrecked houses and school in Hither Green Station area, South East London, Fall 1940.