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Self-registration for my Reception class. Once they have recognised their own name the children fix the block to the board before sitting down.


Alistair Bryce-Clegg on

These are mini me's being used for self registration @EYTalking


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Nursing Students getting a chance to learn about Canadian Nursing Registration Process through Academic Study Skills Module (ASSM) at INSCOL. #INSCOL is aiming to guide the students about NNAS/NCLEX, CPNRE mock sessions, student activities, presentation and communication skills, life in #Canada, Personality Development sessions and Basic Life support training through this foundation program.

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WHY OLD AGE HOME IN DARJEELING ? In the history of Darjeeling 75 % of the land is covered by the tea garden and 20% percentage is covered by the agriculture including forestry and the rest is urban. It was 1883 the British planted the tea bushes in Darjeeling hills since then the laborers are being engaged with their perspiration and blood. They spent and struggled their life for the tea bushes generation to generation but the time turned their fate into the drought of life and began to…

Psychogenic pain disorder is yet another counterproductive strategy that occurs when a stimulus like stress precedes the onset of pain associated with a disability. The pain causes impairment to other important areas of functioning (ie social or occupational).


Morris Minor in black please! Ours was called Meg the mog. She needed too much welding! But she was fine.


#Nurses! Upgrade your skills in #Canada. #INSCOL is the leading provider of post-registration nursing programs in Canada, UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand!