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Number Sense for Kindergarten

Number sense for Kindergarten. Any Kinder teacher knows this is harder to teach and takes more time than you'd think! But that's where this post can help! You'll get great ideas, activities, and resources to help your youngest primary students master thei


Pin #5 Aligns with 1.NSBT.5. In this activity students will pull a card and write the number they pulled in the middle of the image. Then the student will write the number that is +1, -1 on each side and +10, -10 on the top and bottom. This will show an understanding of before and after numbers and add/subtract 10.


Print and Play Number Sense Games

I am loving these easy number sense games for kindergarten and first grade! These print and play activities are in black and white and are perfect for teaching students number sense within 20.


Awesome teen number book for kindergarten! An activity page for every number 10-20. Great for number recognition and number concept. There are silly rhymes for each number too!