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Five-Seed Bread

This recipe offers a number of healthful benefits by incorporating sunflower, chia, caraway, sesame, and poppy seeds in one excellent gluten-free loaf. The chia seeds also absorb liquid, which helps maintain more moisture in the bread.

Customize it! To memory the most important Time, Date, Place and Person! Any words, Any Dates, Any Name, Any Numbers, Any Coordinates...Any others! (Ps: As short as possible,haha) Just need to leave me note when you order, so easy! No need your wrist size, it is adjustable fit for all! ***Dont know coordinates? To find them easy go to: -----------------------Item Details------------------------------ Three Metal…

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Glunz & Sohn 6.5x9cm Plate Camera | Wooden-bodied 6.5x9cm 'hand & stand' folding plate camera by Glunz & Sohn Kamerawerk Hannover. Possibly a Model 0. Carl Zeiss Tessar f4.5 lens in a dial set Compur shutter (stopping down to f36; serial numbers dated c.1919). Front rise and cross movements, single extension bellows, brilliant finder.


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Saatchi Art Artist Cliff Kearns; Collage, “IMAGE #14 - Has A Golf Ball Finder” #art

The Tilley INTREPID II Bag | Inspired by a well worn WWII utility bag, the Tilley INTREPID II Bag is equipped with 5 secured pockets, wide and deep enough to hold a 13" laptop, wallet, keys, glasses and much more. Each bag carries a brass plate with a registration number that can be registered with Tilley. In case the bag is ever lost, we'll try and connect the owner with the finder.