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Typography & Lettering Advent Calendar Day Martina Flor Originally from Buenos Aires and now living in Berlin, Martina’s type and lettering projects will be familiar to many. Her formal training.

id love to get a Roman numeral 13 because in 2013 my whole life changed, I got engaged, I got pregnant & stopped cutting, it was a big year for me.

Previous pinner said:This is my thrid tattoo, got it spur of the moment really. 13 is ment to be an unlucky number so i decided to get it just to be awkward haha Got it done at SmileyDogg located in Cork, Ireland, by the artist kuba.

The Crazy Luckiest Numbers in World

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Superstition of the Number Thirteen by EJ Jones 1906 For more see The Number 13 & Other Superstitions - 100 Books on DVDROM Thirteen .