Here it is. I decided to release this Nuka-Cola Label which I used in My "Nuka-Cola Fallout style" deviation. You can see it here. Just in case anyone wants to make their own bottles. I added a sim...

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A full recreation of the Nuka Cola Quantum label of the Jones Soda one. Made by RealChris on the Nexus. I'm posting his original work here because he edited it after the fact.

tonic water & a few drops of acrylic paint red and blue. Just put a couple drops. Mix it up There shouldn't be any color to the liquid at all, just an ever so slightly cloudy water. there are going to be big pieces of paint floating in it. Take a shop towel or something similar and place it into the top of the empty bottle like a filter. Slowly pour the mixture through the filter removing all the big chunks of paint.

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