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ANATOMY OF A CELL -- Get the basic facts about cell structure along with details about the nucleus, cytoplasm, and plasma membrane.

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The Chromatic Nuclear Membrane

Cell Phone - spin the nuclear membrane and move the supramembrane structure (receiver) to reach out & touch someone?

Entamoeba histolytica trophozoite with centric endsome and crisp nuclear membrane 1000x


Mitosis - YouTube (Module #7)


Nuclear membrane repairs the ‘dark matter’ of DNA


A network of membranous tubules within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cell, continuous with the nuclear membrane. It usually has ribosomes attached to this involved in protein and lipid synthesis.

A freeze fracture scanning electron micrograph of a single cell. The cell nucleus is orange. The small black holes are nuclear pores. The cell membranes are purple, the endoplasmic reticulum is pink, and the golgi apparatus is green. Image credit; Lennart Nilsson


Morphological features of death. Transmission electron microscopic appearance of K562 cells (10). A: intact cell that shows a normal morphology. B and C: K562 cells cultured for 24 h with actinomycin D. Early and late phases of apoptosis are indicated by condensation of chromatin (electron-dense, black structure along nuclear membrane) and fragmentation of the nucleus, respectively. Arrowheads point to nucleoli. Inset in C shows higher magnification of the remaining nucleolus. D: necrotic…