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Booz Allen Hamilton: Edward Snowden's US contracting firm


Surveillance: The government isn’t spying on us; Google is spying on us, and the government is asking Google for certain results.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, wrestles with the distinction between privacy and anonymity. "Privacy is incredibly important. Privacy is not the same thing as anonymity. It's very important that Google and everyone else respects people's privacy. People have a right to privacy; it's natural; it's normal. It's the right way to do things." Speaking on CNBC and on page 185 of the book, "Are you naked online? Protecting Your Internet Identity" by Ted Claypoole and Theresa Payton. Boycott Google!

Who Can You Trust in a Digital World? From #Digital Signatures to Encrypted Calls. - #infographic #technology

Four Ways Your Data is at Risk


NSA surveillance is an attack on American citizens, says Noam Chomsky

Governments will use whatever technology is available to combat their primary enemy – their own population, says critic


FBI and NSA Poised to Gain New Surveillance Powers Under Trump

The FBI, National Security Agency and CIA are likely to gain expanded surveillance powers under President-elect Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress, a prospect that has privacy advocates and some lawmakers trying to mobilize opposition.

Zuckerberg: US government 'blew it' on NSA surveillance

Facebook CEO joins Yahoo's Marissa Mayer in saying the US did 'bad job' of balancing people's privacy and duty to protect. ******Mayer said executives faced jail if they revealed government secrets.******


Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA surveillance and privacy

Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA surveillance and privacy. This article shows how though the majority of people do believe that the state needs to watch its citizens on some level, it is a fine balance. This follows the outcry of the privacy violation and domestic spying accusations during the NSA 2013 scandal. Public surveillance is a major factor in many dystopias. (Greenwald, G 2013)

June 2013: Whistleblower Edward Snowden lifts the lid on the level of the US governments surveillance of online activity (should I even type this! lol). Extremely brave, considering its the NSA he's pissed off. He feels that the government is taking liberties that they have no right to. All I can say, is that I worked this out years ago. The general public are so glib.

On whistleblowers and government threats of investigation

James Clapper, the US director of national intelligence, who called the Guardian's revelations 'reprehensible'. ...... and also lied to congress