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FrackNation is an elegant antidote to GasLand and coincidentally to Matt Damon’s new Promised Land, the latter a “clumsy crusade against fracking,” according to a recent NRO review. January 22, 2013 @ 9 pm et

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The Voter Fraud That ‘Never Happens’ Keeps Coming Back

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Steyn, Steorts, GLAAD, Newhart, Suits, Deniers

Who Says Obama Hasn't United the Country? Obama has changed the health care law 14 times without congressional approval. Isn't this illegal?

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Zero Enroll in New La. Plan on Obamacare's First Day

Zero Enroll in New LA Plan on Obamacare’s First Day. Louisiana’s top health-insurance provider said that not a single person enrolled in a new health-care plan offered through the Affordable Care Act on its first day. 10/2/13

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Sandberg Wallpaper | Amelie 541-38

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Benghazi and Rice's Disastrous Meeting with McCain, Graham and Ayotte

"The central issue in probing the Benghazi massacre is President Obama’s dereliction of duty during a seven-and-a-half hour siege in which, as commander-in-chief, he failed to take adequate action to protect Americans under attack."

‘What the New York Times is Doing is Ass-Covering’ ● “NYT Admits: ‘Somewhat Late’ on IRS Story, But Editor Swears ‘We’ve Paid Copious Attention.’” —Headline, NewsBusters, yesterday. ● “New York Times Maintains Blackout on Philadelphia Abortionist Gosnell’s Trial on Infanticide.” —Headline, NewsBusters, April 15, 2013. ● “Nothing Funny about New York Times Coverage of the Catholic Church.” —Headline at NRO’s Corner blog, September 4, 2013.