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False flag. What more important event is it trying to divert attention from? (Conflicts, wars, military operations, psyops objectives, legislation, political shenanigans, corporate lobbying)...what the Shadow Government does NOT want you to track.

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More guns is not the solution. Would you give more alcohol to a drunk driver? Would you give more drugs to a drug addict? Why do idiots think more guns will help solve gun violence?

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I am a gun owner and the NRA does not represent me. I believe in responsible gun ownership the same way I believe in responsible driving.

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How can you think the solution is to arm teachers and ask them to stand up to gun-waving lunatics when you can't even stand up to an NRA lobbyist?

Frank Spindler is back with a classy canalside restaurant on Berlin's hottest foodie strip...

Frank Spindler is back with a classy canalside restaurant Spindler Berlin on Berlin's hottest foodie strip...

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Even the GOP is starting to realize that the NRA stands for profits, not the Second Amendment.

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There have been 81 school shootings since "BENGHAZI." 145 children were shot. 65 children were shot. Republican outrage: ZERO!

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National Association for Gun Rights targeting women in support of gun ownership.

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