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The Notre Dame de Paris cathedral a must in the city of love. @bondarisilviuphotography

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Notre Dame Cathedral - I love studying the artwork on this building. It's so profound

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Notre Dame de Paris. my mum took me and the kids here. such a beautifuk place , i would love to go back again.

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View from the top of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Paris, France

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Notre dame de Paris was our next destination. To get there we had to walk back to our hotel pick up our car and drive. We arrived there around 2:45 and took some pictures. It was really pretty! The archetecture on the building was very old and beautiful.

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101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part IV)

Notre-Dame de Paris is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

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Gargoyles* sit atop Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Photo by © Paul Almasy / Corbis [Please keep photo credit and original link if reusing or repinning. Thanks!] *Technically, this shows a "Grotesque", as strictly speaking to be classified as "Gargoyle" it must funnel / spout water!

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Interior of the Notre-Dame Cathedral de Paris. Six photographs stitched together to create this vertical panoramic. via eso-teric

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