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Music of Japan Mini-Unit

Hi everyone! This is Aileen from Mrs. Miracle's Music Room . I've blogged quite a bit about picture books for the music room (see those post...

Ishikawa Sayuri - Noto Hanto - 石川さゆり - 能登半島

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The Noto Peninsula (Noto Hanto) makes up the northern half of Ishikawa Prefecture, extending about 100 kilometers into the Sea of Japan. The peninsula is known for its coastal scenery, particularly along the Okunoto Coast and the Kongo Coast, as well as for its rural atmosphere.

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GOTOCHI Hello Kitty Noto Hanto Japan Limited Wajima Version Mascot Charm Sanrio 2003

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Lamp No Yado : Rotenburo by Sea of Japan

Lamp No Yado Ryokan ランプの宿, facing the Sea of Japan. Noto Hanto, Ishikawa-ken With an open air bath facing the Sea of Japan in the balcony + private bath available for reservation.

豆本工房わかいの豆本。『能登のおいしいもの』。能登半島のおいしいものをイラストで紹介。大きさ縦38mm×横28mm。 The miniature book of Bookbinder WAKAI. "The delicious thing of Noto." The delicious thing of Noto-Hanto is introduced with an illustration. Sizes are 38 mm x 28 mm.

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