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Prince Charming of Suburbia: Adam Ant's transition from Eighties dandy, to gun-wielding maniac, to Mr Average next door

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One of my favorite songs ever. I'll Be Okay by Nothing More<3 Such an amazing band.

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People always ask me why I listen to "demonic" music. Well I have something to tell you. What you might consider demonic, I consider it life saving. It is in no means demonic. This is Vic Fuentes from pierce the veil. I love this band so much and nothing you say can change that

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Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind, the first ever Maiden album I ever listened to. I can safely say these guys have taken more metalhead music virginity than any other band in the world, as for their cover art, nothing says Heavy Metal more than Eddie the 'ead.

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Jenny - Nothing More I have only heard a couple songs but this band is amazing!!

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"There is nothing more attractive than Billie wearing a jean jacket♥" the original comment. It is called a DENIM JACKET bht holy yes

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