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Barcelona playmaker Xavi is happy with his side's current form but insists nothing can hide the fact they trail rivals Real Madrid by 10 points. The Catalans are showing grit and guile as well as trademark skill, fighting to beat Sporting Gijon 3-1 last weekend with 10 men before hammering Bayer Leverkusen 7-1 in midweek. "We are feeling good, happy with the way we are playing and enjoying our performances. But we aren't invincible - we are 10 points off the leaders in the league."

Harry Potter hardcover box set. Where the line between "want" and "need" becomes very blurry...

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I will never get bored of swatching Colourpop eyeshadows! So insanely pigmented and creamy, nothing can possibly compare! Welcome to the gang limited edition pretties! .. You're cute but your packaging annoys me because it's not matching my other shadows ✋ ❤️ SWATCHES L-R: Nillionaire, Just Fur Fun (LE), Koosh (LE), and Drift! ❤️Super shock shadows

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What's New: Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick (BEAUTYEDITER.COM)

What's New: Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick | BEAUTYEDITER.COM | Bloglovin’

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Somebody's everything by Saving Annabel Lee. "Don't cry darling hold me close. Dry your eyes and take my hand. Let's pretend we are off to neverland. You feel like nothing but I see a smile. So until you feel better ill be here for a while. So kiss my cheek and hold my heart. It's never too late for a brand new start. Your somebody's everything sweetheart. And this is that very start." (INO)

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I love the eyes but not the lips, nothing against matte lips! Just not a good…

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Home is where the heart is and that place doesn't exist.

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The original, cruelty-free, luxury mink lashes. Fast Shipping Worldwide. Use promo code LUXYPIN for 15% OFF!

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I could concentrate on nothing but him dimples. They were so endearing that I knew girls all over must fall for him, much like I did. But I am no girl. And he is not homosexual. It is not meant to be. Was not meant to be. I must move on. He is not... As you might say... Inclined to love me. - Hetty

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The stunning art of freezing time: 20 excellent examples of high speed photography

Meditation happens in Poetry, in Music, in Dance, only for a small moment that…

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