And shes fucking done....tired of feeling sorry for things i haven't done and for apologizing to those I haven't hurt. Im done with hurting myself because others dont approve or appreciate me. Hence why we are to let go of expectations. I get it. Yes i am fucking done.

They say, "stop apologizing", but they never stop making me feel sorry.

I'm not good enough. Never fucking good enough for anyone.

I always fail. At picking friends, at life. Im never good enough at anything. This couldnt be more true.

They've been up almost all my life.  Not skinny, pretty, or smart enough.  Never good enough for anyone to stick around.

I was hurt by my "friends" to the point of no longer trusting people. Everyone thought it was just shyness but that wasn't the only thing (it was part of it though) now a few people have managed to start tearing down my walls

I am not sure whether this quote is true of me because I am a female, or because of who I am. I do shut down for a moment when I am extremely hurt because I internally start to wonder if the person harmed me in that way because I am a woman, or because I am not good enough, or both. Mostly, this reaction is pretty constant with my identity.

when i'm hurt, i shut down. i turn into a total sarcastic bitch. i shut off my emotions, and act indifferent towards everything even though it might be killing me inside.

Why is she a strong girl? Because she walks around everyday on the verge of tears and you don't even have the slightest clue that she's not okay

Is it really strength.or is it walking on egg shells? Sometimes keeping emotions locked away is better than the alternative.

My biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way I see myself.

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Well this is a middle of the night, cant sleep again, overthinking weak moment quote 😔

"нανє уσυ єνєя тняσωη α ƒιѕт ƒυℓℓ σƒ gℓιттєя ιη тнє αιя?"

I'm the ugly sister I'm the horrible daughter I'm not even the second choice I'm the "leftover" I'm not the clever one I'm not the skinny one I'm the talentless one I'm the "why are you even here?" I'm just not good enough

Not good enough for one but strong enough for me and more importantly for others - Gregor MacMillan

Not good enough for one but strong enough for me and more importantly for others - Gregor MacMillan Feeling like this a lot.

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Previous pinner said: I've pinned this for those of us honest and truthful enough with ourselves that this feeling/thought that overtakes us; but, it doesn't mean we intend to "not-exist" !