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Mycroft does not know how to children. Mycroft it's me This whole scene just explains why Mycroft and I r like the same person hahahaha

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Two sisters. Only one is telling the truth. When Clare Tennison is reunited with her long lost sister, Alice, not everything is as it seems and soon she's forced to question if blood really is thicker than water.

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My life is a mess and falling apart but on the bright side, I'm not addicted to cocaine

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This is actually an accurate representation of my goals in life. I mean, books, books and more books. Maybe a guy who likes books, but I'm not set on that. Aha More

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Not only a useful way of maximising storage space but also a very practical one too for us shoe addicts!

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"Do you ever think about how weird reading is? Our eyes are able to scan these different symbols and construct the scenarios and concepts they describe..." | books, reading, quotes

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