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Using a Norwex Superior Mop System makes CENTS over a traditional disposable mop!!

Remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with your Norwex Mop System when following the proper care & use instructions!


Norwex Mop cleans your floors and so much more. Host you own class and receive FREE products - For more information visit

'Peace' of Microfiber: Help! My Norwex Mop is Leaving Streaks! Eek! Good tips for getting the most out of your Norwex Mop!

Another great use of the awesome Norwex mop system!

Need a mop that picks up hair like this??? Look no further! The Norwex mop will pick it up like a MAGNET...then the Rubberbrush will release it into the trash with a few swipes!! Visit my website. I HIGHLY recommend the Large Superior Mop Collection and the Rubber brush :-)