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This is kinda fun….they set up their own "town" with roads taped on carpet to lead around town. Represented home, fire dept, police dept and hospital. Corresponding vehicles included.


Pretend Play: Airport Printables

Free Pretend Play Airplane Printables. Simple way to help kids build their imagination and practice social skills. {Playdough to Plato}


Life in Gjohaven, a town in the Northwest Territories, Canada where over 1000 Inuits live


Sarah-TUC-Kitchen Green Detail | Mountain Vail Ranch | Richmond American Homes | Tucson, AZ | Flanked by stunning mountain landscapes and national parks, and with access to shopping, dining and the Vail School District, these Mountain Vail Ranch new homes boast many unique qualities. Close proximity to I-10 and UA Tech Park! Across the nation and in the Tucson, AZ, we're one of America's leading home builders.

29 Things To Do In Beaverton Before You Die


Los Andes ...Irina Werning .It´s not "back to the future" project that call my attention, are the "Stories" , included "Little Schools in the Andes" ,that have an interesting concept and a beautiful way of view it