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North African Campaign

Rob – a collie from the Special Air Service, received the award on 22 January 1945 “Rob took part in landings during the North African Campaign with an Infantry unit and later served with a Special Air Unit in Italy as patrol and guard on small detachments lying-up in enemy territory. His presence with these parties saved many of them from discovery and subsequent capture or destruction. Rob made over 20 parachute descents.”Picture: PDSA


BBC - History - World Wars: Animated Map: The North African Campaign

US Lt General George S Patton the great hero who found it necessary to assault his own wounded soldiers and humiliate them calling them cowards. I hate this clown always have. Hitler also like his dog


The Unsung Heroes of Abolition -Toussaint L'Ouverture -the Haitian #revolutionary and statesman who defeated both the British and French armies


WW2 Colourised Photos New Zealand Army Sergeant Ian Thomas smoking a pipe during the North African Campaign in Egypt 1942. 25th Battalion, 6th Infantry Brigade, 2nd NZEF. (National Library of NZ Ref. DA-02581-F. Object #29771)


BRITISH ARMY NORTH AFRICA 1942 (E 14119) A Stuart tank towing another away from the forward areas to be repaired, Egypt, July 1942.


Men of the Staffordshire Yeomanry crowd in and around a universal carrier for a portrait, 7 June 1944. The vehicle is equipped with a .50-inch Browning machine gun, 7 June 1944.


World War II: The North African Campaign

World War II: The North African Campaign - The Atlantic